Razan Malek Qaqish Graduated from High School and will be attending California State University in San Bernardino this fall 2016.

Dr. Ra'ed Kamal Qaqish will be running in the Jordanian Lower House elections for 2016. Dr. Qaqish, if elected, will be returning to the parliament for the second time.

Murad Maher Qaqish Graduated from CSUSB with a BS degree.

Majd Maher Kakish will be attending UCR (University of California, Riverside) this fall 2015

Nadeen Munib Qaqish graduated from high school on June4, 2014. Nadeen will be attending Cal State San Bernardino in the fall. Congratulations.

Rami Malek Qaqish received his Masters degree from California State University, San Bernardino, on June 14, 2014. Congratulations Rami.

Murad Maher Kakish will celebrate his graduation from high school with a party on June fourth 2011 at his parents' house in Yucaipa, California. Congratulations Murad!

Nadia Qaqish, daughter of Issa Jeries and Wife of Munib Frieh, will celebrate her 40th birthday with a party thrown in her honor by her sister Mays at Mays and Maher's house on the fourteenth of May 2011. Happy Birthday Nadia.
The Qaqish Family Society held it's annual Christmas party on Sunday December 19th, 2010. Click on the following link for pictures: Christmas Party Pictures

Imad, Carm and Brooke Kakish welcome the newest member to their family Gina Dominique Kakish on July 29th 2010. Welcome and God Bless!!!

The Qaqish Family Society held it's annual Christmas party on Sunday December 20th, 2009. Click on the following link to see the pictures Annual Christmas Party Pictures

Congratulations to Bassam Qaqish on his appointment to the Jordanian Parliament's Upper House (Senate)

Congratulations to Fairouz Khalil Kakish on her 50th birthday from William, Aseel, Rana and Sima.

I would like to announce the establishment of my new startup company under the name of Technology Labs Ltd. ; TEKLABZ is a Jordanian company which offers specialized IT professional services serving various industries in the local and international market.


 Ramzi M. Qaqish
Managing Director
Technology Labs Ltd.
 Web: www.teklabz.com
Email: ramzi.qaqish@teklabz.com
P.O.Box: 941467 Amman, 11194 Jordan


Congratulations to Shatha Eid Elias Qaqish for receiving her PHD Degree from The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada. click here.

Happy 1st birthday to Joseph Naji Abboud from your god mother laila kakish. el 3omor kolo ya rab
 Happy birthday to Ghalia kakish from all your children, grand children and loved ones. we love you teta

We would like to announce the graduation of both Dr. James Kakish and Dr. Jeffrey Kakish from Medical School. We are very proud of you guys and we love you. From Your Family Said, Margaret, Joseph, Meryana, Omar and Sumaya (also Sena, Omar Jr., Said and Issa) Congrats and God Bless.

Dr Nathan Munir Kakish is happy his wife Abeer gave birth to a baby boy named Andrew Nathan Kakish. Congratulations.

We would like to say Alf Mabrook to George El Dier and Lisa Qaqish on there Marriage. We wish them all the happiness and success in there future together.

Also Congratulations to Malek and Juliet Qaqish on there daughter Lisa's wedding.--

Love, Omar, Sumaya, Sena and Omar Jr. Mughannam

Judge Michael Talbot of the Michigan Court of Appeals will be swearing in Katherine Kakish as chair of the Representative Assembly of the State Bar of Michigan on Thursday, September 18 at the Hyatt near Fairlane Mall in Dearborn.

Rami Malek Qaqish graduated from California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) with a Political Science degree, Pre Law Minor, on June 14, 2008. We wish him success in his continuing education.

Dina George Fawzi Kakish graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance, Real Estate, Law with a minor in Marketing on June 14, 2008. Grandfather Fouzi Kakish and Father George Kakish and family Congratulates Dina on her accomplishment we wish her the best in her future.
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