Our Family History

Tt is strongly believed that the Arabs were the descendants of SHEM,  the son of NOAH. All Arabs descended from either Joktan ( The father of the Ghassanites,) or Adnan (who belonged to the eighth generation of Ishmael ( The son of Abraham from his second wife "Hagar")).Our Family, Qaqish/Kakish, is believed to be the descendents of Joktan who originally came from Yemen. It was recorded in history that King Amru of Yemen emigrated to the western bays of the Arabian Island sometime during the 2nd century after he was convinced by his wife to believe that his kingdom will soon be destroyed as a result of the destruction of the big dam of Yemen. The king's wife was known for her prediction of events through her dreams, the king does not usually believe her, but that time he did even though the destruction she saw did not materialize. The great grandfather of King Amru was known as Ghassan, and therefore the people who emigrated from Yemen were called the Ghassanites, they lived like the rest of the Arabs as traveling Bedouins, expanding as their population increased looking for land and water until they reached Syria around the 3rd century
These Ghassanites re-established their kingdom in Syria. At that time, Syria was under the Roman Empire's rule engaging in constant war with the Persians. During the time between 364AD and 378AD, the Ghassanites sided with the Romans against the Persians on the condition of ordaining one of their own as a Bishop. the Romans accepted that condition and arranged for Mousa ( who was recruited by Queen Mawya) to be ordained in Egypt, but Mousa declined to go, instead, he went to the nearby hills and was ordained by a refugee Bishop who was hiding from the Romans.
After Mousa became a Bishop, more and more Arabs took on Christianity, this happened around 376AD, about 250 years before Islam.
Many other Jordanian families share the same history. Among these families are the Ayoub, Batarseh, Dababneh, Karadsheh, Kuwar, Falooh, Ezaizat, Ma'ay'ah, Musharbash, Tadros, Emaish, Haddadin, Dahabreh, Swaidan........

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